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Results of TEAMprovising at one company

This is an after-class report to an information technology company who sent a group of employees in 2000 to attend a TEAMprovising class taught by Milo Shapiro of IMPROVentures.  Results are based upon questionnaires taken before and after the class.

IMPROVentures’ assessment to the company

Overall, we were very pleased with the results and felt that the experience was beneficial for all.  We were also happy to hear from the supervisor that it was overwhelmingly appreciated by the participants.

To summarize the data in the following pages, we are please to report that 100% of the participants reported:

  • feeling comfortable, having a good time, and feeling safe to take risks

  • recognizing patterns in the way they interact

  • feeling more conscious of obstacles to communicating

  • learning things that they can apply to themselves and their work

  • being able to create at least one new possibility for themselves

  • interest in recommending this class to others

  • appreciation for the company sending them to TEAMprovising

88% reported feeling closer as a team because of the TEAMprovising class.  These are extraordinarily high scores for a compulsory personal development class. 


Particularly exciting is the full one-point leap (on a one-to-ten scale) 
in their enthusiasm about working together - just after one class with IMPROVentures!  
(see "Before and After questions) 

Graphs of results

The graphs of results are grouped in four categories:

Supervisor comment after class:

Hi Milo,

I could tell everyone had a great experience at the workshop. They all shared openly, with others, their experience.  There was definitely more laughter at work today than I have ever heard.

Thanks a bunch!


(click here for a quick jump to her manager's response to the class)

Student comments:

  • Great! Great! Great!  Enjoyed class and activities.  Came across excellent.

  • I think this is a good workshop, especially for new hires.  It gave me a good reason to let down my guard and get to know everyone better.  

  • Really enjoyed the class

  • It was good!   I like team work and working together.

  • Excellent ... you are a risk taker to be working with us!

"TEAMprovising made us think and respond instantaneously.  
It made all the managers work together and
rely on one another.  
It taught us to work closely together and to trust one another."


-- Surplus Line Association,

   Deanna Zanoni, Director


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