Surplus Line Association (Insurance Organization)
Letter of Reference

(here are some evaluation sheet comments plus their letter below)

"A most enjoyable time!  Everyone should be as lucky as us having a retreat like this.  Milo, you were wonderful!  You made everyone feel at home.  Thank you!  Thank you!!!" 


"I had reservations about how well improv would work in an office setting, but I learned that the same principles practiced in a successful improv group also guide the success in other environments, professionally and personally.  A very interesting idea!"


"Milo was a very good instructor.  he provided clear instructions and made the class enjoyable by mixing both physical activities and mental activities."


"I thought the curriculum was fun, relaxing and at the same time challenging, forcing one to let inhibitions down and relax and let the mind BREAK LOOSE.  It was great and just what we needed!"


"Milo was an excellent teacher - I thoroughly enjoyed him."


"The instructor has great comments about how these activities relate to work - working in teams and getting along in meetings."