Sempra Energy -- Letter of Reference

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                                                                                                                                                     February 12, 2001

Dear Milo,


I wanted to write to let you know that I'm still thrilled by the reaction of my group to the TEAMprovising course you ran for us. 


My current staff of IT developers faced some real challenges in giving each other the support that they needed.  They are currently working on developing a mission-critical application within our industry and teamwork is crucial to the success of our project.  That is what led me to contact IMPROVentures.


Impressively, you seemed at ease with our people at once and I could not believe the response from the group.  You had people laughing and working together who have struggled to cooperate on the project.   A few staff whom I rarely hear speak were so vocal and participatory that I wondered if it was the same person. 


Considering their apprehensions in attending, I'm thrilled that nearly all of the attendees said that the company made a good choice in sending them.  This shows not only that it helped but that they recognize that it helped, which is fantastic.


My staff is now much more excited about being a part of this group and supporting one another, both personally and professionally.   The TEAMprovising class has changed us from task-focused individuals to a dynamic work-team ready to excel.  Your course provided one of the key elements to the success of our project…we are all capable individuals working towards a common goal and wearing the same uniform.


Best of luck and feel free to share my comments with others.





Enrique Villalobos

Manager, Software Component Development

Information Technology

Sempra Energy