San Diego Gas & Electric -- Letter of Reference

(text of letter is also provided below the graphic for those whose browsers download too slowly)


Dear Mr. Shapiro,


My Teamlead's are still buzzing about the class you gave last Friday.  I enjoyed watching Teamprovising in action!  This was fun, yet so much more.  As you related the exercises to our work world, I could see in their faces that the lessons were clicking for them.  And I could certainly hear it in their laughter.


This group must count on one another for support and that has been a challenge this year.  The Teamprovising course created the community, creativity, and co-operation I've been wanting to see from the Teamleadís.  Even the most conservative ones in the group were caught up in the momentum and calling out their realizations after the exercises.


I plan to tell other managers about the class and feel fortunate that our Training and Development Department referred us to you.  This was just what weíve needed and I hadnít even known it!   Looking forward to having you work more with the Teamleadís in a follow-up class.



All the best,


Patricia Clay,


Customer Contact Center

San Diego Gas and Electric