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Milo Shapiro The Improv Guy!     

More than just speaking and training!

Memorable experiences that change people's outlook ...using the power of improvisation!


The boxes below show the 4 major ways we do this:


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#1) Keynote
#2) Teambuilding
   with Improv
#3) Public Speaking
#4) Entertainment

The IMPROVfessionals....at your service!!!

Professional corporate improv entertainment to fit your location, time, and schedule.

The IMPROVfessionals come in four flavors:

   IMPROVfessionals -- "The Keynote Entertainment"    (see info below and our brochure on this very special program)
   IMPROVfessionals -- "Classic Package"    (a mini improv ensemble comes to your event for healthy interactive fun)
   IMPROVfessionals -- "The Home Version  (a few special employees are pre-trained to entertain)
   IMPROVfessionals -- "Whose Show Is It Anyway?"   (the "show" is a blend of audience games and folks brought on stage)


1)  IMPROVfessionals -- "Keynote Entertainment"

Our most popular entertainment offering.  The "top ten" format of our duo (or trio) show is entertainment with a business message tying it all together.  

This show is presented by a duo or trio of experienced improvisers using improv to prove a ten point list of points - for lessons within the laughs. 

If your event is purely seeking entertainment with little to no message at all, the duo format is a Christmas and birthday party favorite!  (Click these two links to see letters of reference from non-business-oriented events)

As this is the most requested aspect of our entertainment business, we've given it its own page.  For the details and video about how this unique duo keynote/show works, click here.


2)   IMPROVfessionals -- "Classic Package"

Good clean fun!  Leave all the entertaining work to us!  Our professionals can create a show on the spot, complete with skits and songs that will bring laughter and energy to the room. 

There are many factors that go into making the event perfect for your needs -- but anything from ten minutes to two hours can be arranged.

Your meeting planner will work with us to make your event one that no one has ever seen before and no one will ever see again.  Uniquely created for your audience....and with your group's inside jokes included!   Click to see a few videos of games done at events.


3)   IMPROVfessionals -- "The Home Version Troupe"

In this exciting scenario, your company sends four to eight employees for a half day crash course in specific improv games to be used in your show.

In the actual show, one of our professionals will always be onstage with them to help make them look good as often as possible.  This riveting environment will keep your spectators on the edge of their seats as they watch Bill from Accounting challenged by the "Word-at-a-time" game or Kathleen the manager guessing for the clues in "Chain Murder". 

Share the fun of improvisation at your social event -- be it a ten minute break in your program or a full-out improvisation show.  What a boost for morale!  Singers and DJs come and go, but no one will ever forget this unique and lively experience.


4)   IMPROVfessionals -- "Whose Show Is It Anyway?"

In this new expansion of our offerings, your company gets a blend of full audience participation games right in their seats AND we bring up a few of your more outgoing attendees to learn a few improv games on the spot and make stars of them.

Out of the hundreds of improv games we know, we've picked out ones that beginners CAN learn on the spot, becoming heroes for throwing themselves into it.

Event planners who have hired this option have been singing its praises.  See testimonials on these last two programs!


Click here to see/print a brochure for the duo presentation.

Click here to see/print a brochure for all of the options.


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 Milo was inducted in 2002 as a "Professional Member" in the National Speaker Association, an acceptance-only association of professional speakers



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