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- U.S. Marine Corps

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Milo Shapiro The Improv Guy!     

Developing business skills with the power of improvisation!

   Highly-Interactive Motivational Keynote Speaker

  • Find fun & excitement in change and risk...instead of doubt

  • Move past fear of failure to unleash abilities you hold back

  • Create an environment where it feels safe to take a chance

  • Or...book Milo's program on revving up your presentation skills!

   Team Building through TEAMprovising™


  • All of the above -- with personal attention in your small group

  • Huge-laugh games which bring out how we build teamwork

  • "Aha!"s when communication challenges relate to work issues

   Improv entertainment - by our folks...or yours!


   Public speaking savvy to summon your word power

  • One-on-one coaching: be prepared, polished, and powerful!

  • Keynote program with key lessons and tips from Milo's book

  • Training to master anything from speeches to sales pitches


Improvisation is more than laughs!  Everyone benefits when groups develop skills in

         flexibility     risk-taking working well with others
         communication     listening problem solving

Milo's solo presentation "You Gotta Fail...To Succeed!" challenges attendees to look at how they view failure.  When we overcome that view, we free ourselves to seek opportunities!  Experience his playful and enlightening improv exercises during the speech. 

Milo ties in stories and lessons from his years in improv and the corporate world.  Attendees will definitely remember the speaker who got them both thinking AND doing!   (video)

Also, check out Milo's newest keynote on presentation skills:  "Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's", based on his book on public speaking (pictured above).  (video)



Companies like Southwest Airlines and Disney have learned that productivity and retention soars when there is humor in the workplace.

We'll enlighten your team of attendees on how they interact, communicate, and overcome career obstacles while they're having a great time with improv exercises in our TEAMprovising™ workshop(video) Great programs for sales oriented folks, too!




Whether the need is

• a one-time lecture that really matters,
• a speech you'll give time and again, 
• a sales pitch you've got to ace,
• networking to describe your services

...how amazing are your words, materials, PowerPoint, and delivery?   Because that's going to make the difference between "Yea!" and Yawn.

Our coaching, classes, book, and speeches can help you and your staff excel in public speaking and presentation skills.

Also, check out Milo's book “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”  It's a bit more serious than TEAMprovising but still more fun than most on the topic.


Just as stand-up comedy is much funnier in person, most people have never experienced the excitement of LIVE improvisation, rather than on TV.

With offerings that vary from pure sit-back-and-laugh to highly interactive with the audience, our professional improvisers will create spontaneous fun from your ideas.  We even have packages where YOUR folks create the show!   (video)

Our “top-tens” have been customized to topics like sales, teamwork, management, customer service, event planning, and socializing. Ten topic points relevant to your group are hilariously demonstrated with ten great improv games!Business lessons hit home within the laughter.   (video)



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