Video of Milo Shapiro's duo: "The IMPROVfessionals"


Our main duo video (below) gives a great overview of:
 -  how the show/speech works,
 -  why this show is so versatile for various topic, and
 -  why it makes a great impact with its fun.

NOTE:  Some people have commented after seeing the main video that they'd like to see a few bits in full.  We agree!  It can be hard to get a true sense of what makes the show so funny
within the context of an overview.  So now we've added video of four full game videos below for you to enjoy from previous presentations:


Press the arrow in each screen's center to start the video:

  The DUO Video




  New arms (business point about collaboration)  [2:30]


  Moving bodies (business point about micro-managing) [1:22]


  Emotion Jump  (business point about adapting to environments)  [1:57]


  The Switch-A-Roo musical game  (business point about adapting to change)  [3:57]

Because this game is so special, it is on its own screen.  Click here to see it.  Don't miss this one!


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