Improv...and more!

 The Switch-A-Roo Game
with Milo Shapiro and Laura Jane



The set-up:  The audience gives Laura Jane and Milo
                           1) a list of famous singers 
                           2) a song from her Karaoke list 
                                 (in this case, it was "Somewhere Over The Rainbow")


The game:  Laura Jane is auditioning for a show.  The "producers" aren't

                   sure what style they want the song done in.  They keep making

                   suggestions into Milo's earpiece (based on the audience's list).  


The fun:      Can Laura Jane keep singing her song, even as the producers 

                   have Milo keep changing what celebrity she has to sound like? 



Press the arrow in the screen below's center to start the video .

Milo and his associates are San Diego based, but the group travels for events when needed.

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is sometimes used to discuss point #8: "Adapting to Change".


Milo usually pairs with Lee Krevat for this, but Laura Jane is 
also available for it and she appears in this video as well.


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