Videos from Milo Shapiro's improv comedy shows


Our improv comedy shows can vary from two to six players, depending upon the type of event and the budget.

Here are four of the games we could include in your event.
It happens that they are also games that we use in our duo program, "The IMPROVfessionals: Top Tens".

This program can serve as your entertainment for an event by our simply by removing the business message and replacing it with
non-business ideas that everyone can relate to.


Check out these videos of four great games where we involved the audience on stage by clicking
on the arrow in the middle of the YouTube viewers below! 

Note:  If you are unable to view these videos in the YouTube viewers on this page, click on the green name
of the game and the file will download for you to watch directly.

  New arms (business point about collaboration)  [2:30]


  Moving bodies (business point about micro-managing) [1:22]


  Emotion Jump  (business point about adapting to environments)  [1:57]


  The Switch-A-Roo musical game  (business point about adapting to change)  [3:57]

Because this game is so special, it is on its own screen.  Click here to see it.  Don't miss this one!

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