Keynote Presenters For IMPROVentures


The people on this page are among those qualified to 
work in pairs to deliver our duo "Top Ten" keynotes:
"Whose Line Manager Is It Anyway?" and
"Laugh In the Fast Lane"

Milo Shapiro
C.E.O. -- Creative Energy Officer

Milo Shapiro is involved in virtually every aspect of the company - from marketing to bookings to performance.  He had 15 years of corporate and government experience as a computer programmer and project lead before making the full-time move to corporate training, public speaking, and improv entertainment through IMPROVentures.

He began studying improv in 1990, joined his first troupe in 1992, and began teaching in 1993.  Since that time, he has been in literally thousands of improvisation scenes and taught hundreds of classes.

More on his experience can be found on his qualifications page.

Lee Krevat
C.I.O. -- Chief Improv Overseer

Lee Krevat began his practice of improv in 1980 with New York City’s "Chicago City Limits", where he studied until leaving for Carnegie Mellon University, well known for its excellent Theatre program – although Lee graduated with a degree in Computer Science. 


By day, Lee is currently a Director of Information Technology for Sempra Energy, focusing on process improvement and quality.   In an effort to merge his business knowledge and his love for improv,  Lee collaborated in creating the format and content for “Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?” and is a key player in customization issues.

Laura J. Willcock
C.F.O. -- Corporate Fun Officer

Laura J. Willcock has served as manager and entertainment director in numerous nightclubs and restaurants over the past 15 years.  In the process, she successfully crossed both the entertainment and business worlds as she balanced the varying needs of entertainers, catering staff, and meeting planners.


As owner and executive producer of Fish-On-A-Stick Talent, she has produced improvisation, sketch comedy shows, musical revues and more, leaving her known by many fans in Michigan as “Princess Laura”.  Laura is pleased to be available to co-present “Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?”

Mark Jennings
H.R.M. -- Humor Resource Manager

Mark Jennings is the co-owner of Face to Face Productions, bringing together religion and theatre for audiences who appreciate the value in both.


Mark was a key marketing director for Lynchpin Enterprises in Great Britain for several years, developing skills in both sales and management.


Mark has been performing improvisation with Theatresports with Milo and Lee since the mid 90s and is proud to take his place in the keynote portion of our company.


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