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4) YOUR staff as the improv entertainers?  Wow!



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Your staff gets to be the improv stars -- with IMPROVentures' help!     

There are a couple of ways that we do this:

1)  IMPROVfessionals - The HOME Version

Milo meets in advance with a small group of pre-selected and drills them in just a few games so that they have the chance to come out and perform them.  It's still improv, but by understanding what's expected of them and having a few chances to run through it in advance, the confidence level is high and the show moves more smoothly.  Your folks are the stars while Milo is there the whole time to do all he can to help them look great!

2)  Whose Show Is It Anyway?

This program blends three types of activity into one great show:

      a)  about half of it is the "classic improv" show with our regular troupe members
      b)  another third includes inviting some of your folks to come up to try out some of the easier games on the spot
      c)  the remainder has the audience playing in their seats in pairs so everyone gets a taste of improv

Loads of fun and more of a home-grown team feeling than when the pros just come out to perform.




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