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 Professional Simon Sez led by Milo Shapiro:

 Professional Simon Sez for adults and conference fun  

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Charge up the rooms energy with “Simon Sez”:                  
a terrifically funny attention-grabber for grown-ups — forty years later!


It's a trip to see that not only have
we not outgrown this game —
we aren’t really any better at playing it!
Paying close attention is a real effort…
and, in this case, hilarious!

The idea is easy enough:
Act only when Milo says “Simon Says”.
And if Milo does something
different than what he himself says?  Again, do what he says. not what he does.  A breeze, eh?

Guess again!  We grown-ups have a terrible tendency to anticipate!

Gentle in its competitive nature, this fun challenge has every mind in the room working
(especially as Milo gets tougher!)

Milo's initial chatting up of the audience psyches up the house to play and some may leave with a little insight that they can consider about their listening skills as well!

This video includes selections of Milo with a room of floor/carpet business owners. 
From 500 down to 20 left onstage...and a winner!


  "Milo was great...We had a diverse demographic and Milo was able to engage them all, with a kids round and an adult round of Simon Sez. Everyone enjoyed, either as a participant or a spectator. All laughs, all around." 




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