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There is much more information on our website and bureau-friendly website,
but here are the items most agencies want to see initially:


    Pricing:  Quick Reference Summary (all prices are before travel, expenses, and a/v, including lavalieres).

Note: Local discounts for events near San Diego may apply.

  Solo keynotes: 60 minutes:  $5000
    90 minutes:  $6000
  Duo keynotes: 60 minutes:  $8000
  Trio keynotes: 60 minutes:  $9000
  "Home Versions":  
          with pre-training: $6500
           w/o pre-training: $5000


   One Sheet:    Speaker Double-Sided One-Sheet   (front: overview of Milo's offerings;

                                                                                                             back: description of his most popular speech)


   Milo's four main speaking programs (each with video, a specific one-sheet, and video):




Milo's highly interactive solo presentation "We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!"
is his most booked.  He challenges attendees to look at how they view failure.  When we overcome that view, we free ourselves to seek opportunities, especially in a world so full of cha

Milo has the whole audience playing improv games with him and laughing with each other for almost half the speech time. 

He ties in stories and lessons from his years in improv and the corporate world.  Attendees will definitely remember the speaker who got them both thinking AND doing!   

It's been called "as close to a teambuilding as a keynote can get."

60 minutes:  $5000 plus travel, expenses, and a/v (including a lavaliere)

90 minutes (one more story and several more games):  $6500 plus same list.

2. “Public Speaking:
  Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!"

Whatever your need to speak publicly is, how amazing are your words, materials, PowerPoint, and delivery?  Because that's going to make the difference between "Yea!" and "Yawn!"

Milo's unusual approach to presentation skills is based on his nearly opposite backgrounds: Improvisation and Toastmasters! 

This background and his years of coaching other speakers supply his book “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” with hundreds of actionable tips for you as a speaker. 

And now he's highlighted some of his most requested material in this keynote by the same name.

60 minutes:  $5000 plus travel, expenses, and a/v (including a lavaliere)

90 minutes:  $6500 plus same list.

3. Interactive DUO
Keynote Entertainment:

"The IMPROVfessionals!"


Just as stand-up comedy is much funnier in person, most people have never experienced the excitement of LIVE improvisation, rather than on TV.

With offerings that vary from pure sit-back-and-laugh to highly interactive with the audience, our two (or three) professional improvisers will create spontaneous fun from your ideas.  We even have two packages where THEIR folks create the show!  

Our “top-tens” have been customized to topics like sales, teamwork, management, customer service, event planning, and socializing.  (See link for an example top 10)

Ten topic points relevant to your group are hilariously demonstrated with ten great improv games!  Business lessons hit home within the laughter.  

As a duo:  60 minutes:  $7500 plus travel, expenses, and a/v (including lavalieres)

As a trio*:  60 minutes:  $9000 plus same list.

* Why consider the trio?  The trio allows us to include some well-liked games that either cannot work with two people, work better with a third, or which we can pull off successfully with an audience volunteer, but work far better with a trained improv professional.

4. “IMPROVfessionals:
  The Home Version!


Milo has a couple of programs where he turns the attendees of the event into the entertainers for their own group!

Version 1:  Two hour improv crash course for about 6-8 attendees followed (within 24 hours) by a 45 minute show by them for the rest of the attendees.

     $6500 plus travel, expenses, and a/v (including one lavaliere)

Version 2:  A one-hour combination of leading games at their tables and bringing up volunteers who learn the games on the fly in front of everyone else.  I do all in my power to make them heroes who are glad they gave it a try!

     $5000 plus travel, expenses, and a/v (including one lavaliere)

Video is not available on this one.  The idea can be gleaned from watching the interactive portion of the "You Gotta Fail...To Succeed!" but it wouldn't be right to have novices under the eye of a camera when they're already taking a chance.  I do have a video of me leading 300 in a giant Simon Sez game, though, that the client agreed to let me share.


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Dynamic motivational speaker and teambuilding in San Diego. Apply improvisation to topics of risk-taking, management, teamwork, sales, and more. Seeking professional motivation speakers that are fun? Milo Shapiro has keynotes that are interactive using improv and humor that are great for your event or breakout sessions. Communication and teamwork get focus in a teambuilding event using improvisation where everyone plays. Your corporate meeting or business convention is more fun with Milo's use of improv. Communication and teamwork get focus in a team building event using improvisation where everyone plays. Teambuilding improvisation is a great way to boost innovation and achieve higher results. Dynamic motivation speaker applies improvisation to topics like risk, sales, and teamwork for your conference, meeting, or event. Available directly at 619-542-0761 or by speaker bureau. San Diego teambuilding through improvisation workshops improves communication, innovation, and team work. An improv teambuilding class improves communication, innovation, and team development. Teambuilding improv is a great way to boost innovation and achieve higher results. Teambuilding San Diego classes with improvisation workshops to improve communication, innovation, and team work. Dynamic, interactive keynote / breakout speaker available directly at 619-542-0761 or by speakers bureau. Fun and learning in one for your conference. Dynamic, interactive speaker using improv available directly at 619-542-0761 or by speaker bureaus. The San Diego public speaker who'll motivate everyone to participate DURING the speech. Available directly at 619-542-0761 or by speaker bureau. Public speaking San Diego has laughed and learned with for years using improvisation to make learning about communication fun!

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