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Confessions of an overwhelmed entrepreneur

As some of you joined my mailing list over two years ago and are hearing from me now for the first time…well, sometimes, one has to fess up. 

So…90% of the time, I really like being an entrepreneur.  I like calling my own hours, making my own priorities, and having a commute of approximately 15 feet.  There's only one thing I really miss about a day-job:  "Being off duty."  Oh, that was ever sweet!  I used to feel like Fred Flintstone yelling "Yabba Dabba Doo!" when that 5pm whistle blew (in my head, if not in the actual office).  Not any more!  A 5 O'Clock whistle?  Ha!  If I'm awake, I'm on duty.

Don't get me wrong:  I love what I do at IMPROVentures and Public Dynamics. There IS a dark side, though, to being a one-man show.  It's those haftas.  The haftas get to you.  We all have haftas.  Mine sound like:  "You hafta cold call event planners.  You hafta finish that book.  You hafta find your desk (somewhere...under all that paper)."  And that hafta load…well…it never really goes away as new ones come along. 

So today, another hafta:  I hafta make a confession:
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Public Speaking Tip of the Day

What do you do if you feel safer having some notes on a lectern (just in case), but you don't want that old-fashioned "hiding behind the lectern" look?

My tip:  Put the lectern a little off to the right and turn it 1/8 (45 degrees) clockwise.  This gives you the chance to step away from it easily to be in full view.  And if you feel that need to look at your notes, instead of running behind it, you just stroll near it, glance at the notes, and stroll away again.  Very effective!   (Off to the left and counter-clockwise is just as good, too)

One of the many tips in
"Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"

Coming really soon for the next generation:
Upcoming ezine will offer a frée download!

Easy new way to remind yourself to follow up on things

I'm loving a new frée reminder service (with optional paid upgrades, but I haven’t needed them).  It's called “Follow Up Then”.

Once you sign up at, you bcc their service on emails that you send out to clients, etc.  Later, at a time you designate, you’ll get that same email sent to you to remind you -- full of all your facts.  No more hunting for the original information in earlier emails because that same info is what arrives!

For example, you just bcc emails like these:

     - or many other options at 

and the exact note you sent is sent back to you as a reminder at the designated time!

If you cc, rather than bcc, the recipient of the note will also get the reminder.

If you want a reminder but no particular note, just create the subject line like "Ask Mom how bingo went" and send it directly to something like . Voila!   Monday night, you look good for remembering.

Today's joke

At age 96, Morty and Rhoda pass in their sleep and go to heaven.  The weather is perfect.  The food is outstanding.   The views are spectacular.  Old friends joyfully greet them.  It's everything they could have hoped.

Rhoda says, "Oh, Morty, isn't it just wonderful here?"

Morty scowls and says, "Yeah, and if it hadn't been for you pushing that lousy Oat Bran on me, we coulda been here twenty years ago!"

Today's featured video

After a year of effort (a shoot with bad editor that just wasn't a fit for me...), here's my newly released video on my interactive motivational speeches, with great thanks to my new terrific editor, James Alburger of Voice Acting Studios in Rancho Bernardo, CA:


See?  Told you the newsletters would be light and helpful.  Thanks for your patience; so pleased that it's finally going out.

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