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Milo Shapiro walked away from his B.S. in Computer Science and fifteen years in Information Technology to pursue his passion:  applying improvisation to business practices and personal development.  On his last day, a co-worker asked, “Who’s going to make it fun for us to work here now?”

Milo began studying improvisation in 1990, joined his first troupe in 1992, and began teaching in 1993.  He has traveled in the US and Canada to continue his own improvisation education and teaching skills.   He served six years as the business manager of the comedy troupe TheatreSports.  Through TheatreSports, he worked with at-risk teens at Hoover High School, using improv to give them a healthier outlet for expression than causing trouble at school.

Milo offers a number of business programs – two as a trainer and several as a professional speaker (In 2003, he was accepted into the prestigious National Speakers Association).  His self-created training program, “TEAMprovising”, has created a team connectedness, improved communication and boosted innovation in diverse groups - ranging from I.T. engineers at Sempra Energy to processing clerks at Computer Science Corporation to customer service operators at San Diego Gas & Electric (an urgent call that made a huge operational difference during the California energy crisis of 2000) to staff at the U.S. Department of Defense (whose jobs he still cannot discuss).

The former Toastmaster also offers several speaking keynotes: His most popular is his solo motivation presentation, We Gotta Fail…To Succeed! (on risk-taking and coping with failure).  It has been a hit with the likes of Minolta, Qualcomm, Southwest Airlines, the US Navy, and the American Society of Training and Development. 

In "Laugh In The Fast Lane", his duo presentation, he creates a top-ten of “management and team values” list and perform an improvisation show that supports the points being made -- demonstrating that while there are important lessons to learn, the process of making one’s point can be done innovatively rather than solemnly.  Kodak, Pfizer, and HNC-Software are among those who have praised his creative methods.

After requests from attendees for trainings and/or coaching in public speaking, Milo launched the coaching side of his business “Public Dynamics”, helping individuals become more prepared, polished and powerful upon the platform.  In conjunction with his teaching beliefs, he published his first book in February of 2008:  “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”  (available through publisher at .  He is available for a keynote speech on presentation skills which goes by the same title.

His second book “The Worst Days Make The BEST Stories” (paperback on was released in April 2013; an audio version is also available.  It is a series of short, funny true stories from which a lesson can always be learned.  It has been described as “What Chicken Soup for the Soul would have sounded like if Jerry Seinfeld had written it”.

Partial Client List for Milo Shapiro’s keynotes, trainings, and entertainment program 

Southwest Airlines


General Dynamics




Kodak – national conference

Sempra Energy (San Diego’s energy utility)

Fair Isaac (formerly HNC Software)

Home Depot

International Special Events Society

KaiserPermanente Health Care Organization

U.S. Department of Defense

Computer Sciences Corporation

San Diego Educational Consortium

The U.S. Marine Corps

Union Bank of California

Humboldt County Dep’t of Health&Human Services

San Diego Regional Energy Office

San Diego Educational Consortium

National Eye Institute

Association for Women In Science

Sharp Health Care (and Sharp Rees Stealy Hospital)


Pacific Monarch Resorts

San Diego Gas and Electric

National Management Association

San Diego Chamber of Commerce

Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce

San Diego Disc Jockey Association

San Diego Accounting Day


The Project Management Institute

The Event Team


City of San Diego – Registrar of Voters

International Society for Performance Improvement

Cox Communications (San Diego’s primary cable company)

Meeting Professionals International (San Diego sector)

Meeting Professionals International (Los Angeles sector)

The Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica’s mass transit system)

Amer. Society of Training & Development – int’l conference


Employee Involvement Association

Center for Financial Training

Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Assoc.

Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Assoc.

Housing Commission - City of San Diego

Corporation for Educational Network Initiatives in California

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Institute for Managerial Accounting

Society for Software Quality

The Surplus Line Association

San Diego State University

The Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica’s mass transit system)

Congresswoman Susan Davis and her staff

International Society for Performance Improvement

California State – San Marcos campus

King Technologies

California Men’s Gathering

Roberta Exotic Gardens


International Assoc. of Administrative Professionals



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