"Professional Simon Sez"



Wake up the room with “Simon Says”:              
a great, playful interaction for grown-ups —
thirty years later!

We’ll discover that, not only have we not outgrown it —
we aren’t a bit better at it!
Listening is challenging…and, in this case, funny!

The concept is simple enough:
Do what Milo says only when he says “Simon Sez”.
And if Milo does something
different than what he says?
Again, do what he says.  Should be easy, right?
Not the way adults tend to anticipate!

Lightly competitive, this fun challenge fully engages the brain
(especially as Milo gets trickier!)

Not really a keynote, but as you’ll see in the video link above, Milo’s speaking portion up front psyches up the attendees to play and gives them some valuable thoughts to apply to their listening skills.

The video is an edit of Milo with 500 store owners, whittling them down to 20 on stage and, eventually, one winner.

This event works great as a short stand-alone feature of your conference OR as part of longer keynote.

Professional Simon Sez (Says) boosts the energy and listening for the rest of your conference