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Letter of Reference

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February 28, 2001

Dear Milo,

As you know, for the year 2001 wanted to create an incentive program for both of my offices to not only have a common goal to look towards but also promote a spirit of cooperation between both offices. when I learned about your unique business, Improventures, another idea came to mind.

The Holidays were quickly approaching and I always like to do something a little different each year as an office holiday celebration. We've been to great restaurants, chartered a yacht and so on. This year in keeping with our 'team building" concept I saw Improventures as the perfect solution.

You took five of my team members for one evening, none of them knowing what to expect (my choice) and worked magic with them!

After our holiday luncheon you led them through some improvisation exercises for the rest of our team to enjoy. I was completely amazed because my team members who are normally shy and quiet became "shining stars!" I think everyone was surprised and delighted to see how in a very short period of time, you had gained their respect and confidence allowing them the freedom to stretch themselves and have fun doing it.

Again your workshop not only made for a very fun and unique holiday celebration but it also gave members of my team a chance to express theft creativity in a safe atmosphere.

Best wishes for a most successful 2001.


Warmest Regards,


Blake N Synowski D.M.D