Website design for the small business


Designs and prices that cater to 
your simple need to be on the net 

Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Exxon need high focus,
dazzling websites that show the power of their companies.
If you own one of these companies, we'll be honest:
IMPROVentures is not the company to design your site.

If, however, your needs (like many small businesses) are simply to...

have a place where you can explain your business 

show pictures that enhance your marketability

list prices

display referrals

allow email pass-through to your current email

...why even consider the high cost of professional site developers who
   have large operating costs and may charge you thousands?   Our
   websites were exactly what the people and groups listed below
   needed, saving them the hassle and cost of mailings and making
   them look professional!


IMPROVentures also customizes MySpace pages.  See what we did for these authors:

Nicki Kraus - The Nanny Diaries
                      (best-selling 2007 hit movie)
Jennifer Coburn - Tales from the Crib
Whitney Lyles - First Comes Love


Using Microsoft FrontPage™, IMPROVentures custom-designed sites like
the one you're reading, as well as the ones below.  Please paste their website
into your browser to see them; there's a good reason why most aren't live links here.

The National Speakers Association
(San Diego Chapter)



Author Whitney Lyles 


Author Jennifer Coburn


Author Marg Stark 



The Western Frontier by author Ken Peek



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