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All letters posted
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  Letters of Reference -  Speaking and Entertaining

There are FIVE different speaking programs
that we have testimonials for here.

  1. "We Gotta Fail...To SUCCEED!"   
  2. "The IMPROVfessionals Top Tens"  
  3. "Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"
  4. "IMPROVfessionals: The Home Version"
  5. "Grow With The Flow"

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1) Milo's Most-Requested Keynote:  "We Gotta Fail...To SUCCEED!"


previously called "You Gotta Fail...To SUCCEED!"
previously called  "Who Has Fun With Failure?"


Wellpoint (Blue Cross)
Health Care

"...Your message really inspired [attendees] to take risks on new ideas without fearing failure."


"...The message was right on and interactive delivery..."

Southwest Airlines

"The raves continue...the value of appropriately taken risk and dealing with the feelings around it."


"...An excellent speaker...made his points quite effectively...incorporating material that was directly relevant and obviously customized for my team, which was much appreciated."


Hilton Hotels

"At a pretty early hour, you had my people laughing and tapping into creativity...ready to be at their best for the challenges of the conference."

Wells Fargo

[letter not available, but can be a phone reference]

California Highway Patrol
"The points you raised in the speech had a lot of us nodding as we remembered these simple truths that are so easy to forget when we get busy."

Young Marines of America

"Such a hit!  People were texting me during the speaker after you to say how much fun they had with your
'We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!'" 

Meeting Professionals International
of Orange County

"...You are truly a speaker who can educate, captivate, and motivate an audience...the little guy with big energy!"

Professional Convention
Management Association
"Milo took two hours we needed to fill at a joint meeting we held with IAEE (the International Association of Events and Exhibits) and turned them into an unforgettable event that delighted the attendees."

(recent event; letter pending)
(recent event; letter pending)


Social Security Administration

"Milo was funny, entertaining, and relevant."

Institute of Internal Auditors

...internal auditors are a tough crowd to please.  even those with flights to catch stayed right to the end of your program, they were laughing and playing.  The time just flew by... "

Big Blue Bus
Mass Transit System for
the City of Santa Monica

"...[your ideas] will make our adjustment to upcoming changes much easier for our team!"

Dolphin Imaging
"With 700 people coming, we needed something that would wake them up, get them laughing, and energize them for the days ahead.  Mission accomplished with Milo!"

Project Management Institute
"...100% positive [attendee] responses to the statement:
 'I appreciated our professional society offering a topic of personal development as a change of pace.'"

KaiserPermanente HealthCare Organization

(Recommendation not available.)

Electrical Lighting Services)

"The 'We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!' speech won the group over and TEAMprovising did just what I hoped it would.  I can still feel a healthier vibe between people a month later! 
Less us vs. them
more us with them

American Society of Training and

"...I heard over and over that this was one of the best speeches we've ever hosted."

(the international professional
society of spine surgeons)

"By the time we got to doing interactive work with you, you’d planted an important seed for the day:  We cannot be fixated on success in everything that we do or we will never grow personally or professionally."

Association for Woman In Science
" many simple and effective ways to change thought and much laughter"

Employee Involvement Assoc - Nat'l Conf.

"...Our planning committee was unanimous in saying: Milo provided such a good ending to our conference."


Imperial County Office of Education


"We want our people to feel safe to experiment toward new successes for us and your speech planted seeds for everyone to know we back them in this."

Cal State San Marcos


"I have never laughed so hard.  It was great to interact with others in our division."

Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

"Our conference was successful due in great part to your participation.  Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and energy."

Chapman University

"Your presentation fit perfectly into our discussion of 'Contemporary Issues In Teams'."

National Assoc. of Catering Executives

"An excellent ice breaker for people to get to know each other."

UCSD Graduate School of International Relations

"Milo broke the ice...Bottom line - Milo has a passion for making people enjoy learning.  Without hesitation, I would recommend him."

Imperial Valley
Board of Realtors


"I loved the audible 'oh's and chuckles when people caught themselves falling into their old habits during the games"

International Association of Administrative Professionals

"What a great way to lift the energy in our professional community...I'd be surprised if you didn't get referral business from several of the attendees."



National Management Association

"[Milo] demonstrates how you can have fun and still get the point across...I recommend Milo to other businesses, organizations, and NMA chapters."

San Diego Education Consortium

"...true inspiration to an organization seeking ideas and activities that are both refreshing and invigorating."


Southern California School Nutrition Association

"Your presentation was both meaningful and humorous. 
Exactly what we needed."

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

"Milo got the room moving and interacting with one far the best keynote speaker we have had in years."

Other letters and clients for this program include:


Center for Financial Training - Nat'l Conf.

The International Special Events Society

San Diego Chamber of Commerce

San Diego Disc Jockey Association


Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Assoc.

Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Assoc.

San Diego Accounting Day

American Society of Training &
     Development (Int'l Conference)

Int'l Slurry Surfacing Association

Housing Commission - City of San Diego
    (repeat client)

Int'l Soc. for Performance Improvement



2)  Duo & trio shows by

The IMPROVfessionals:

featuring our "Top Ten Lists"


This program is sometimes called 
"Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?"
or "Laugh In The Fast Lane"



Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co.
"...Four stars!...We wanted something funny, topical, and valuable and you fit the bill beautifully."

Kodak - National Sales Conference  
"...Fun, clear, and helpful while being thoroughly enjoyable"

Sempra Energy - Information Technology
"...making valid messages hit home with your humorous approach...a fine mix of business knowledge and fun!"

Cox Communications
"...rare to find an event that is such a hoot and also supports our business goals!"

Meeting Professionals International
of Southern California

"...the perfect start to our conference...delivering a pertinent topic with improvisational skits and songs is entertaining and effective."

City of San Diego
Housing Commission
"...we have to have you back next year!"

Fair Isaac, formerly
called HNC-Software 
"...The 'Teamwork' and 'Quality Results Can’t Be Rushed' messages were especially well received"

Captiva Software 
"..Your ability to tailor the content to our two very diverse crowds was particularly appreciated..."

 (Software Engineering)

" made me look great to the people I lead...a totally fun way to approach business ideas!"

Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California
"...You provided an environment where [volunteers] felt comfortable enough to really be themselves...exactly what we were looking for"

" entertainment show with more to offer than happy with our choice...."


Other letters and clients for this program include:


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Institute for Managerial Accounting

Society for Software Quality




3)  "Public Speaking:
      Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"

Milo's speech about presentation skills and Public Dynamics  


International Assoc. of


  "Milo Shapiro made this one hour mini-workshop well worth the cost of the entire seminar. He captured the attention of the attendees and held it throughout...

"Some of the stand-out moments were how to frame a speech through your four sections approach, your seven variants of vocal variety, approaches to Q&A...and techniques for pacing time accurately.


Sharp HealthCare


  "'Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's' was an A plus, plus -- not just an A!...We present in front of groups of physicians which can create pretty tense situations.  The tools presented in this session were clear, concise and can be used by all.  The learning was fun, and creative...memorable and likely to be useful in real life situations."


American Society of Training and
  "[Milo] covered so many good points. Months later, I still use it as a reference. I especially found his explanations of his "Four Steps to a Successful Speech Structure" very helpful. It is deceptively simple...Overall, I found Milo's presentation to be witty and very helpful.


  "With competition being what it is, we need A's, not B's...let alone Zzzzzz's!  Immediately after the speech, my people were buzzing with ways they were going to implement your points to liven their presentations.  I think the ideas around effective use of story really hit home as well as the  'Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure', which have more application to sales than I'd bet most people realize at first."


Calif. Assoc. of School Business Officers

  "Where do I start?!  Tools, tips, and info!  Can I have the video?...It's hard to single out one 'most valuable tip' because, to me, everything I heard was valuable.  Perhaps the warm-up exercise before speaking would help me most as that's the time we are so nervous and uptight." 


MEA Digital


  "This presentation was great for both senior and junior staff as they could all learn specific skills from it.

"For those who only got to see the keynote, there was still enormous benefit, but wanting to see some of our key people guided more into implementing the changes, we developed a plan to hire Milo to work with seven key pairs of MEA Digital staff who interact directly with clients, four times with each."


Project Management Institute


  "It was a jam-packed hour with so many useable tips, delivered in a engaging way.  Milo's stories, interesting examples, and lessons from his improv background held everyone's attention.  His use of concrete tools for organizing a better speech had everyone taking copious notes -- which is a good thing with engineers!"


San Diego Professional
Coaches Alliance

  "...a presentation style loaded with pizzazz!...There was a quite a buzz about your four-step speech format. Many people expressed they were eager to implement it in their own programs. And because I personally coach executive level clients who frequently make presentations, I would love to send many of them a video of your section on your Seven Variants of Vocal Variety."


International Management Council

  "Greatly usable ideas presented in a fun way that held everyone's attention.  I'm not sure people came excited to hear this program, but in your hands, they were having a great time and definitely learning."

American Society for Quality

  "You shared such interesting insights into how to craft and deliver a program that I could see everyone in the room re-thinking their own programs, ready to rush home and implement them."

Vista Business Expo
  " covered all the details that a speaker would need to know behind the scenes...[attendees] will be inspired by your presentation and of course will have valuable information for themselves and their employees."



4)  "IMPROVfessionals: 
        The Home Version"
       "Whose Show Is It Anyway?"

(where your group IS the show...with Milo's help!)

Los Angeles County (all directors and managers conference)
Pacific Monarch hotels
TechmerPM (plastics and polymer production)

Periodontal Offices of Dr. Blake Synowski  
KaiserPermanente Health Care Organization
Blue Feather Management (speaker management company)
Out of the Ordinary Events



  5)  "Grow With The Flow"   
            (A follow-up to "We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!" for those wanting more!)

City of San Diego
Housing Commission

"The stories were touching, the messages were motivating, and it created the open-minded feeling we wanted for the rest of the event.

Equally special were the interactive games you led us through in the middle of the program.  Some tables were laughing so hard at their unexpected creativity!



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 Milo was inducted in 2002 as a "Professional Member" in the National Speaker Association, an acceptance-only association of professional speakers



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