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Milo Shapiro The Improv Guy!     


With the most interactive keynotes you'll ever find!


Three eye-opening programs,
each completely different in form and purpose:

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We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!
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IMPROVfessionals' Top Tens
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Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzzz's
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One Sheet Brochures

As our company grows, we now have one-sheet brochures on both our company as a whole and on many of our specific functions. 
Please select the brochure that interests you:


   Keynote Speaking:  Addressing your organization's meetings with laughter AND food for thought! 


                                  The Keynote Speaking link is an overview of all our programs. 
                                  Here are three brochure options on specific programs:       


                                   *  "The IMPROVfessionals: Top Tens"           (brochure on just this presentation)
                                   *  "We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!"                  (brochure on just this presentation)
                                   *  "Public Speaking: Get A's, Not Zzzzzz's!"  (brochure on just this presentation)



    Also available:



      TEAMprovising:       Teambuilding and Communication Enhancement for your Organization



      Entertainment:         Improv fun catered to your event!  Speak to us about options for experienced improv entertainment.

                                      Or take a look at the Home Versions, where we make YOUR folks the entertainers!


      School Assemblies: Teaching kids about theater, literacy & considerate communication      


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 Milo was inducted in 2002 as a "Professional Member" in the National Speaker Association, an acceptance-only association of professional speakers



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