Video of Milo Shapiro's course on
teambuilding, innovation & communication:



Note 1:  The group in this video was particularly outgoing and Milo adapted to
                that on the fly.  If your group is less so, the exercises might be more verbal
                or involve more writing.  Every group is different...and so is every
                TEAMprovising event!

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We divided this video download into three parts to speed downloading and avoid
buffering so you can more easily enjoy each of them directly on your computer)

Part 1   [2:04]:      An intro to TEAMprovising and the 5 C's of teamwork 

Part 2   [2:37]     The fun and lessons of "Failure Games"   

Part 3:  [2:59]        Gibberish games, Unison games, and client reaction  






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